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Hello all

Heya all, a newbe here =P  I'm just getting into volleyball right now, though I have played in school and recreational on and off.  Now I'm very interested in it, and would like to practice more.

Name: Mary
Age: 16
Years played: on and off for 9 years
Position: back row, trying to define a position
School/team you play for: I'm going to join the Shepard school team
City, State: Morristown, NJ
Favorite aspect of the game: Bonding with teammates, spiking and diving, and having fun.  All sports I play, I live for. The game is everything.

Also I have a community I just created.  It's for girl volleyball players, or any athlete who plays any sport really. To live for the game is the passion that drives athletes.  I didn't join this community to advertise, but if you want please join love_the_ball

Anyway I'm hoping to meet other players that live nearby, beginner or no.  I don't know of any volleyball clubs nearby, and would really like to get involved with one. Any point in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance =D

Well, goodnight all! =)

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