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Finally Joined =)

Name: Rachel
Age: 15
Years played:4
Position: Middle Blocker/Outside Hitter
School/team you play for: Landmark Patriots
City, State: Haines City, Florida
Favorite aspect of the game: Having fun, fooling around. You can have fun, even if you don't win.

Hey! Just joined! Am I the first member? Hehe. Well, I'm going to Volleyball camp at a college tomorrow, til' Thursday. I'm gonna take pictures hopefully, am I allowed to post them (In a Lj_cut of course) on here? I'm alittle nervous, because I'm the only returning varsity player from last year. All the others bailed out when we got a new coach who actually cares. Anyways, I'll update about it when I get back!
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yes you are the first member...i just got back from a U of I volleyball camp...ok well first i better say a little about me...i'm 15 and i also play varsity :) of course you can post them :) um...did you get moved up in volleyball?
Coolness.. What do you mean did i get moved up?
if your 15 you can't be on varsity ...can you...i'm 15 and i'm suppose to be on sophmore but i got moved up to varsity ...:-/
Oh, Well I've played Varsity since I was in 7th grade, because it's a Christian school, and it's little. We got a JV team the year after I started. Once you've played on Varsity they can't move you down to JV. Or so they say. Lol It's rather confusing, I'm a Junior too, so I couldn't play JV anyways =P I skipped a grade. Yup.. confusing.
you must be smart :) i added you on AIM :)
Nah, not really, I just went to homeschooling, and they said that 8th grade was a waste of time. Lol So I just went to 9th, but that also stole a year of vball for me =( Oh well. I hope to play in college.

Cool, I'm not on too often, but I am sometimes. =)
i hope to go to U of I ...or some big ten school :) ...
What is U of I?
university of illinois...i want to stay in illinois kinda :)

if ya go on Im this could be easier :P
if you could tell alot of people to join my community then i would have more members...maybe you could my maintainer with me
Oh cool

Yeah, I suppose it would =P But, I'll be back and forth, cuz' my boyfriend is here, working with my dad. Oyvey. I think we're gonna eat lunch.
i should go and eat lunch too...the guy that i like it outta town today :( o well...